Lefty Fretz

LeftyFretz is a website aimed solely at left handed guitar players, no righties allowed!  Well okay, but only if you play nice!  It can sometimes be tricky being a left handed musician living in a right handed world, and we all know the frustration of drooling over gear reviews on other sites knowing that drooling is as far as we will ever get.  This is where LeftyFretz steps in!  Everything you read on this website will apply to YOU as a lefty musician.  Any guitars we talk about will be available left handed, any media we review will be applicable to lefties, any artists we interview will be southpaws…you get the picture!

It’s an unfortunate fact that many musicians feel that playing left handed puts you at a distinct disadvantage. LeftyFretz is here to show you that this is simply not the case anymore – if anything being a southpaw guitarist just makes things even more exciting and diverse – embrace your lefty roots and stand out from the crowd!

Website: www.leftyfretz.com